About Us

Winabumi Sdn Bhd was incorporated in early 2006 in Inanam Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
for the purpose of manufacturing Pre-Stressed Spun Concrete Poles, Spun Concrete Piles and its related products.

With a humble ground breaking at our new factory KKIP Kota Kinabalu middle of 2015, the latest modern manufacturing has been in operation since early 2016 producing Pre-Stressed Spun Concrete Pole and Spun Concrete Pile.

With its strategic location in the manufacturing hub of Sabah, the products are expected to serve the regional market of Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei.

  • Quality Assurance

    Pole are randomly selected to perform bend and load test to ensure exceed standard quality

  • Maximize Production

    Structural Management Production Process improve plant production at optimal performance

  • Rapid Development

    Backbone infrastructure for Sabah rapid development in power distribution and telecommunication

  • Knowledge & Support

    Professional and experience expertise to ensure fulfillment of any requirmenets specified


To support the rapid growth of Sabah economy by reducing cost of construction and lead time.

To supply to regional area of growth like Sarawak, Brunei, Kalimantan as well as Philippines.


Reduce Logistic Cost
Reduce Waiting Time
Reduce Wastage of Piles at Job Site
Increase Flexibility in Pile Length at Job Site to Exchangeable Actual Length required at Site
Locally available Immediate Response Team
Stockyard Facility for Job Site

  • Pre-stressed Spun
    Concrete Pole

    A centrifugally cast reinforced concrete pole which combines elegance with durability to withstand any application

  • Pre-stressed Spun
    Concrete Piles

    Precast concrete pile is a prefabricated, high-strength prestressed concrete column for any construction foundation

  • Concrete
    Kicking Blocks

    Kicking block is a kind of pole accessories to prevent the pole from slanting on sandy/soft soil environment, and it is designed for outdoor use in Tropical Zone with high humidity and heavy rainfall. The kicking block is designed to tie to pole by using a U bolt and nuts.



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